Our Story

When the Founders of Piepers Pies opened their first Express Kiosk inside Beaumont hospital, they offered freshly bake All Natural Meat & Veggie Pocket Pies. It was an overwhelming success from day one. While customers were indulging on these delicious hot meat & veggie pocket pies, these same customers were also asking for oven baked Hot Sweet Treats. The light bulb went off at Piepers and long story short, Hot Cookies Factory was born.

Simple Core Mission: HOT, YUMMY, DELIVERED….

Hot Cookies Factory offers a variety of Yummy Gooey Hot Fresh Cookies.  You can order one cookie or by the dozens.

The company also makes Unbelievable Edible Cookie Dough! Yep, it’s true and many flavors too! You can order one or two or maybe three scoops of your choice cookie dough or make your own dough concoction. How cool is that!


And to top it up, the company teams up with a local dairy farm to serve fresh creamy ice cream. Choose your own toppings too!

Enjoy a delicious scoop of ice cream or scoop it up in between 2 Hot Cookies or 2 layers of Edible Cookie Dough for a killer Yummywich! Now how Yummy is that!.


DELIVERY? Yep, No Problem! Hot Fresh Cookies Right to your front door Anytime! well, as long as their ovens are on…

CORPORATE CATERING? You Got it! Order 50 or 5000 cookies and they’ll deliver Hot Fresh Cookies to your door. Just Click Here to download the Order Form.

Hot Cookies Factory currently has locations in the metro Detroit area with more locations opening throughout the Mid West. The company’s 5-year plan is to open 300-500 stores nationwide. If you would like a career opportunity with an exciting and growing company, Click Here for details.